About Us


Danbartex LLC was formed in North Carolina in 2007, and is comprised of previous employees of Tekmatex, Inc. We are headquartered in Charlotte, NC, but offer our services to customers across North America.

We specialize in supplying parts, service and technology to the textile industries across North America. Our dependable, service oriented posture has earned many friends and customers across the world. 

We are a leader in machinery sales because of our ability to respond to our customer's unique needs. Danbartex, LLC has access to a network of specialized machinery suppliers based in Japan. These close relationships have enabled us to lead in the modernization of our customers' industries.

We are a solution based company, devoted to ​automated systems. Our success has been achieved by offering high productivity equipment designed to improve efficiency, as well as new technologies to improve our customers' relevancy in an ever-changing market. 

We are dedicated to helping our customers introduce and implement innovative change, giving them the advantage over their competition.

We believe that this focus on modernization will ensure Danbartex, LLC.'s continued success in the 21st century. ​